disregarding the unfunny world since 1969
disregarding the unfunny world since 1969
The Tanglewood Puppets for the young and young at heart in the NC Triangle
The Tanglewood Puppets for the young and young at heart in the NC Triangle

What's New

Theatrical Puppets!


Mac and Judy have created puppets and trained actors to be puppeteers in Theatrical Productions.



What's New

At Tanglewood Puppets, we are constantly looking for ways to create new connections with our audience. 


Many of the new members of the cast have been created with specific folk tales from other countries in mind.  Check out the newest -- puppets who accompany African folk tales. 





Shadrach and Moe are camels who are very popular for shows like Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat and Christmas Holiday shows depicting desert scenes with certain Wise Men. They performed in October 2017 at Sonorous Road Theatre & Film Studio.


They are in the process of adopting an orphan camel, Stella, who will be their apprentice in Justice Theater Project's Black Nativity at NCSU in December 2017.

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