disregarding the unfunny world since 1969
disregarding the unfunny world since 1969
The Tanglewood Puppets for the young and young at heart in the NC Triangle
The Tanglewood Puppets for the young and young at heart in the NC Triangle

What's New

Theatrical Puppets!


Mac and Judy have created puppets and trained actors to be puppeteers in Theatrical Productions.



Products & Services

The Tanglewood Puppets offer a variety of original shows for your event. Puppets are hand made by Mac & Judy. We design shows for audiences all around the NC Triangle area and beyond!  Call for rates for your area.


Consider puppets for pre-school programs, birthday parties, any event designed to provide entertainment for your guests.  We provide lights, sound system, and stage.


Prices begin at $200 for a 30 to 60-minute show for an in-home party in the Triangle area of NC. Use our contact form or call to reserve the date for your puppet show. 


Note: due to licensing regulations, we are unable to present shows based on licensed characters.

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